Quilted Leg Wraps
Quilted Leg Wraps
Quilted Leg Wraps
Quilted Leg Wraps
Quilted Leg Wraps
Quilted Leg Wraps
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Quilted Leg Wraps (LWT)

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These Quilted Leg Wraps are perfect for drying off wet legs,  for providing warmth or protection for your horse in the stable or during travel.

Made from a double layer of quilted fabric, the thermal properties of these leg wraps will promote warmth and aid circulation - ideal for horses with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

The knitted fabric will also wick moisture away from wet legs, helping to prevent conditions such as mud fever. 

An incredibly user-friendly alternative to bandages, they are easy to fit and are unable to be overtightened, preventing tendon damage.


  • Double layer of quilted fabric for leg protection in the stable.
  • Wicking material allows moisture to be evaporated, aiding prevention of mud fever.
  • No risk of overtightening that can occur with bandages.
  • Full colour range to coordinate our range of rugs.
  • Machine washable.