Thermatex Technology

The development of our technologically advanced wicking fabric established our worldwide reputation as leaders in the field of knitted fabrics. 

Thermatex rugs and accessories are made in the UK to the highest standard using high-performance fabric, designed to support your horse's natural process of thermoregulation.

Horses naturally control their body temperature during and after exercise through evaporative cooling, where water from sweat is evaporated into the air taking excess heat with it. Our distinctive range of cooler rugs help to regulate temperature immediately after being placed on a hot/wet horse, by allowing sweat to pass through the fabric to the outside of the garment (without being absorbed) to be evaporated, leaving the horse dry and comfortable. You can see your Thermatex cooler rug getting to work when the water droplets are visible on the outer layer of fabric, any excess moisture can be easily shaken off.

An inner layer of insulative polypropelene prevents the horse from cooling too quickly during drying and will also provide warmth in the stable or during travel.

  • Natural Wool/Acrylic Blend Fabric - 'wicks' moisture away from the horse's body, allowing it to pass through the fabric to be evaporated, preventing chilling.
  • Middle Layer of Insulative Polypropelene - provides essential warmth.
  • Breathable Fabric - prevents overheating and promotes optimum comfort.
  • No Spinal Seam - Rugs are crafted from a single layer of fabric which keeps it in close contact with the horse for the perfect fit and to enable more effective wicking.
  • Machine Washable - even the larger sizes fit in a domestic washing machine
  • Pre Shrunken Fabric - no risk of shrinkage or loss of shape.
  • Fast Drying and does not absorb water from the outer surface, nor does it hold the moisture that wicks from the horse. 
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle/Store - the thermal value of the fabric is very high in relation to bulk. This also means it can be stored easily and the filling will not flatten when boxed up.