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Why Choose a Thermatex Rug?

Thermatex rugs and accessories are made in the UK to the highest standard using high-performance fabric, designed to support your horse's natural thermoregulation.

Our distinctive range of rugs help to regulate temperature before, during and after a workout, travel or when drying off after a bath; getting to work immediately after being placed on a hot/wet horse.

  • Natural Wool/Acrylic Blend Fabric - 'wicks' moisture away from the horse's body, allowing it to pass through the fabric to be evaporated, preventing chilling.
  • Middle Layer of Insulative Polypropelene - provides essential warmth.
  • Breathable Fabric - prevents overheating and promotes optimum comfort.
  • No Spinal Seam - Rugs are crafted from a single layer of fabric which keeps it in close contact with the horse for the perfect fit and to enable more effective wicking.
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Focus On: Lightweight Knitted Cooler Rug

A seasonal favourite during the milder months, the Lightweight Knitted Cooler Rug is both lightweight and breathable - ideal for use after exercise, at shows or events and during travel.

This versatile style is also perfect for layering up under stable rug; an all-year round option that offers excellent value for money.
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Thermatex For Dogs

Our range of dog coats and dog accessories been carefully developed to warm and dry your dog, providing a little extra insulation and protection from the elements.

For best fit across a wide spectrum of breeds, our comprehensively sized dog coats cover miniature dogs right through to much larger breeds - ensuring there is an option for every dog!

Whether your dog adores exploring the outdoors, or prefers to be snuggled up at home with a warm blanket - we have a wide range of products carefully designed for their comfort.
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