Onesie Cooler Rug
Onesie Cooler Rug
Onesie Cooler Rug
Onesie Cooler Rug
Onesie Cooler Rug
Onesie Cooler Rug
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Onesie Cooler Rug (ONESIE)

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Crafted from the same high performance wicking material as our Original Cooler Rug, the Onesie incorporates a built in neck attachment for enhanced coverage.

Designed to help regulate the horse's temperature, the warm, breathable fabric will also actively draw moisture away from the body, before allowing it to be evaporated. This promotes effective temperature control during travel, in the stable, after bathing or exercise. 

The Onesie's neck attachment is secured in place with three strong Velcro straps, and will provide comfortable coverage along the horse's neck for when a little extra warmth is needed.

  • Supports temperature regulation and aids effective cooling with enhanced coverage.
  • Made from acrylic/wool blend fabric to effectively draw moisture away from the body.
  • No joining seam ensures direct contact with the body for more effective wicking.
  • Full neck cover and insulating layer for warmth and to prevent chilling during cooling.
  • Lightweight, machine washable and easy to care for.