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New - Thermatex Trainer Rug

Thermatex Trainer Rug

Product Code: TR

Price: 163.33 (196.00 Including VAT at 20%)

If your delivery address is outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT by us but you may be charged a Sales Tax (VAT) by your own country.

Wrap around exercise sheet which provides warmth during exercise and allows excess moisture to be wicked away from the horse.

It’s contoured shape at the front allows the rider to execute leg aids without any interference from the rug.

Main features:

Advanced high performance quilted ‘wicking’ fabric
Manufactured in a unique wool and acrylic blend
Polypropylene insulating layer
Individually hand cut for a perfect fit
Fillet loops and matching string
Velcro closure over withers
Single binding (full colour choice)
Machine washable
Full colour range available
7 nylon colours available
Available from 4ft to 5ft (122cm to 145cm)

Rug Size
Choose your rug size using the guide above.

Choose from 22 colours:

Single binding comes as standard - choose from 21 colours:

Choose your nylon colours


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