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DE Hoof Taps

DE Hoof Taps

Product Code: DE-HT

Price: 30.20 including VAT
25.17 excluding VAT

If your delivery address is outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT by us but you may be charged a Sales Tax (VAT) by your own country.

NEW - Invented by a hoof care professional for hoof care professionals

D.E. HOOF TAPS can help to resolve issues including: walls separation, cracks, weak/flaky walls and excess wear.

Why should your farrier chose D.E. Hoof Taps?

- Effective aid to help speed up and repair wall /white line separation
- Help to restore natural hoof balance for horses with collapsed heels and Negative Palmer Angle
- Repair cracks
- Protect against excessive wear
- They do not impede natural hoof flexion
- Can be used under shoes, under glue-on shoes or on their own

DE Hoof Taps must be fitted by a qualified farrier into the hoof wall right outside the white line. The correct fitting is achieved by lightly tapping until flush with the walls bearing surface.

- The taps are curved to follow the shape of the white line of the hoof and are held secure by the 3 anchor points.
- The taps are Zinc coated which helps to stop bacteria from spreading.
- DE Hoof Taps come in a container of 25 pieces.

1.25 inches (317mm) length

It is illegal to nail anything into a horses hoof unless you are a qualified farrier.

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