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Travel Rugs

Does your horse literally boil over with excitement when travelling to and from shows? Do you need a technical rug that will help to regulate temperature, reduce body stress and lower the heart rate? We have a selection of technical rugs designed to aid your horse during the rigours of travel.

The popular SHR rug which is ideal for use during the cooler months of the year is constructed using three layers of fabric. Natural wool and acrylic are blended to provide the ‘wicking’ element whilst the third (middle layer) of polypropylene provides essential warmth. The wool and acrylic layers draw away any excess moisture before releasing it into the atmosphere thus helping your horse maintain or regain natural body temperature. All three layers are machined together creating distinctive squares; these act as air pockets which actively encourage airflow.

An added bonus is that these made rugs are manufactured from a single section of fabric (no spinal seam), this means the rug will quickly adapt to the shape of the horse and achieve the perfect fit.

Four Travel Rug Options

The original Thermatex cooler rug - ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.
Built using the same fabric as the SHR but machined to produce smaller micro quilted squares. It also features double binding and a colour coordinated filet string - very smart and ideal for show use.
A lighter weight version of the SHR. This has the same great wicking powers without the insulation layer - ideal for use on unclipped horses or during spring and autumn.
New and Improved - superior fabric and full colour range Made from lightweight single knit breathable fabric - ideal for summer time use.

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