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Thermatex Saddle Fitters Pad

Thermatex Saddle Fitters Pad

Product Code: TSFP

Price: 113.05 (94.21 excluding VAT at 20%)

If your delivery address is outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT by us but you may be charged a Sales Tax (VAT) by your own country.

Complete with 6 front shims and 4 rear shims. Fits all style of saddles.

It is widely known that horses are not symmetrical and in many cases a saddle fitting pad can help to remedy this. It is also an excellent aid for horses who lack muscle tone due to age, fitness or injury.

Each Thermatex Saddle Fitters Pad comes with 10 corrective shims which can be placed inside any of the four pockets (a maximum of 6 in the front and 4 in the back) to achieve the correct saddle balance.

This pad is not designed to be used with an ill-fitting saddle - we recommend that you have your saddle checked regularly.

The ideal aid for saddle fitting adjustments.


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