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Flex-On Safe-On Strirrups

Flex-On Safe-On Strirrups

Product Code: FO-SO

Price: 224.95 including VAT
187.46 excluding VAT

If your delivery address is outside the UK, you will not be charged VAT by us but you may be charged a Sales Tax (VAT) by your own country.

Manufactured using a range of organically sourced materials and constructed with a steel frame and polymer outer shell.

Fitted with a safety arm on the outer side. This is designed to release when under pressure in the event of the rider experiencing a fall. The retractable/flexible arm will release to prevent the rider’s foot from becoming caught in the stirrup.

Main frame colour: Black
Elastomer springs (shocks): Grey
Footbed (treads): Grey.
Magnets: Black with Flex-on logo

Harry Dabbs branded magnets at £10.00 (per pair)


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